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Vehicle transportation – why use Overland?

We offer an increasing range of vehicle transportation services to suit every vehicle delivery requirement. We are the UK’s leading vehicle transportation and delivery management specialists. We handle thousands of movements every month for a wide range of clients, with a huge network of trade platers in the UK.

Vehicle transportation in the UK and Northern Ireland

We are fanatical about our service so if you and your customers are the same, please give us a call.

We have a wealth of experience and leading technology which through our expert teams can significantly reduce hidden operational costs and headaches for you, your business or your customers.

Quite simply we are the UK’s premier trade plating and vehicle delivery management company.

We are highly respected within the vehicle transportation industry for our unrivalled ability to meet urgent deadlines whilst providing the highest quality of service. Our service levels and communication processes are underpinned by our extensive investment in technology, all of which are designed to exceed your expectations.

Whatever your reason for wanting to move a car/vehicle, we can help you coordinate the transportation. You don’t need to be in the car industry to need a vehicle delivery service, our customers include people who purchase vehicles from the internet such as armed forces personnel or classic car club members.

Vehicle transportion quotes will be based on the distance between the collection and delivery points, the number of vehicles and the timescale of the job. The more flexible you can be when advising us of your preferred dates will achieve lower prices. However, we can assure you that our prices will be extremely competitive and that the movement will be skilfully managed.

When it comes to vehicle transportation, weight is important as a transporter must respect the gross vehicle weight (GVW); this is the weight of the towing vehicle plus trailer, plus the vehicles loaded on it. If this exceeds the maximum then the transporter is operating outside of VOSA rules and regulations. If the GVW is more than 3.5 tonnes, the transportation company will need an operator’s licence.

We specialise in movements of high value, including classic and sports cars, covered deliveries, urgent and timed deliveries. We have a broad range of skills to ensure that your prestige or priority vehicle is handled in the most appropriate manner.

Make sure your transport company is the Real McCoy – don’t use a cowboy!

What could go wrong?

  • They could be towing a trailer without a tachograph
  • They could be performing your movement without insurance
  • They could be transporting a vehicle that is too heavy for their transporter

Ensure you select a reliable and legal transport service. This is where we can help.